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Current Account & Saving Account

Enjoy peace of mind and convenience for your day-to-day transactions via internet banking, cash, and cheques. Start a Saving Account with a minimum of US$10, or open a Current Account with US$100 to enjoy attractive interest rates. - Unlimited cash withdrawals

- Visa/MasterCard*, SMS, and Internet banking are allowed, at any time and in any amount upon the condition that minimum ongoing balance is preserved on the account.

* Terms & Conditions apply

Features and Benefits

Saving Account

  • Available in KHR and USD
  • FREE passbook and ATM card
  • High interest rate of 0.25% per year**
  • Zero charges for over-the-counter withdrawals
  • Initial deposit of USD 10
  • Minimum balance of USD 10

Current Account

  • Available in KHR and USD
  • FREE monthly account statement
  • Cheque book available at USD 5
  • Zero maintenance fee
  • $100 Initial deposit
  • $100 minimum balance