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Personal Loan

Juggling between multiple debts while struggling to fullfill your personal needs such as home renovation, new vehicle purchase, starting a business, or funding a wedding? Solve your worries by consolidating all your debts and/or day-to-day financial demands with a Personal Loan, but be sure to inform us on your intention to refinance. HENG FENG (CAMBODIA) BANK PLC. takes 2-3 working days to process your loan application upon the complete submission of your documents. Visit us to learn more about the criteria and disbursement of your loan.

Features and Benefits

Personal Loan

  • You may loan any amount up to 70% of the collateral
  • Long-term loan up to 10 years is available
  • We offer competitive interest rates
  • Interest rates are negotiable, subject to the bank's criterias
  • Flexible loan purposes